How do you operate at your highest level?

amy magers blog Oct 29, 2020

I was at Craig Ballentyne's Perfect Life Workshop last year and I really thought everything we’d learn there would be about ads, or getting leads, or marketing or whatever because that's what these guys do.

But I left that day with information about how to be healthier physically and how to make my body match the goals that I have for my business, (which sounds really weird). But it's actually the missing piece that I think I've been not paying attention to for about 12 to 18 months.

I’ve (kind of) fallen into some of the small business owner or entrepreneur pitfalls that happen when you work for yourself.
Because you don't really have to get up and go anywhere,
(maybe) you get up or go to sleep anytime you want to,
wear jogger pants all day, if you want to…

But at the end of the day, if we’re not operating at our highest level and potential, then we can't possibly expect to reach that potential in every other area of our lives.

So I was just really,...

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Are you the number one choice in your town?

blog paul halme Oct 22, 2020
When people are looking for a martial arts gym or whatever business you run, are you the one they see all the time?
Are you the one they see at the top of Google search?
Are you the one they see on Google Maps?
Are you the one they see on Google Local?
Are you the one they see on Facebook?
Are you the one they see on Instagram?
Are you the one that they see in their stories?
If NOT, then, focus on being the number one choice in your town. 'Be seen everywhere'.
It's one of the things I tell people all the time.
Your brand, your gym, your business - needs to be seen everywhere!
Additional questions (and to-do's) for you: 
  • Have you asked your clients for a video or written testimonial recently?
  • Have you asked your clients to leave an honest review for your business on Facebook, Google and other places?
  • Have you been spreading and sharing your five-star reviews on your social media, website and email lists?
  • Have you been...
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Leads are good, but sign-ups are better!

blog event paul halme Oct 19, 2020

Can't believe this is the event week!

This week we're off to helping create results for martial arts and fitness academy owners just like

Leads are good, but sign-ups are better!


If you know a martial arts/fitness academy owner in or around New Orleans,
please share this event to them.


This is going to be lit! 

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How do I know if I have an objective based staffing model or a personnel based staffing model?

amy magers blog Sep 25, 2020

Do you have staff right now?
Answer this question, 

"How do I know if I have one, objective based or personnel based?"

If you've ever said any one of these questions:
"If Mark left us, we'd be screwed."
"How can I ever replace Jen? That Jen, she's my right hand. I need her.
“Steve, we just need to clone you and we'd be good. If we could clone you like four times, then I would have everything I need because you just know what I need before I even say it, right?
“No one will ever be able to fill Monica's shoes."

You must have been sitting there.
"No one will ever be able to fill Monica's shoes ever."
Or this one. This is what we hear a lot.
"I'd love to hire someone, but I have no idea what they would do all day."

If these are the questions that you have in your head, which model do you currently have in your business?

Personnel based.
Like I said, 90% of them do.

Now here's the difference: if you can say any of these things:
"I want to grow...

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It's time for a reality check.

alan belcher blog Sep 12, 2020

You've got big goals but you're not hitting them, they seem impossible...

The reason why you may not be hitting those goals is because you're not aligning your resources with your goals.

So maybe you want to make $100,000 a year or you want to be a professional athlete or you want to be healthier...
There are three different resources that you have possession of- that, if you're honest with yourself, you realize you're probably not lining them up well.

The number one resource that you have, (and we're not getting any more of it) is TIME.
Is your time being spent on things that are/are not congruent and lined up with your goals?
Are you wasting your time?

If you just line up your time with your goals, you'll be a lot more successful!
And a lot of people are messing up in this area.
They say, I don't have time.
So, maybe, wake up earlier. Take a shorter lunch break. Be more productive.  

There are a lot of different ways you can save time and spend time doing the right...

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Fail to WIN!

blog paul halme Sep 03, 2020

Do you really need to fail before you succeed?

Can we skip the 'failing' part?

Back in 2001, I was a stockbroker.  
Everybody knows what happened in 2001.
I started in March, and in September, 9/11 happened, and I figured the stock market was going to implode and I would be unemployed. So, it was a real rough couple of years. I needed to go through, and thankfully, survived lots of layoffs.

And then, finally, I had an opportunity to move up at our firm, but it was a sales role. And I always had this thing where I said, "I'm not going to do any sales. Sales are horrible. I don't want to do anything to do with sales." And so, I was like, "You know what? I have to do this though. I need to get a raise, I need to move up in the company."

So, I applied for the job. (I didn’t know everybody wanted this job. I was surprised by the huge turnout!) And boom, I bombed the interview.
I looked great on paper, but I didn't have any confidence. I didn't have any sales confidence....

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How bad do you want it?

alan belcher blog Aug 27, 2020

We all have goals and you may not have hit your goal yet.
You may be working towards it and you just keep getting stuck.
I want to ask you something and I'm going to keep it real with you.

Are you sacrificing everything that you possibly can to hit this goal?
How bad do you want it?

Eric Thomas said, "You gotta want it as bad as you want to breathe."

One of my friends, taught me one awesome thing - he told me that every morning when he wakes up,
he says, "Today is a good day to die."

He's ready because he knows that he is sacrificing every single day and living life to its fullest every day.
I want to ask you, are you willing to die?

Imagine going into battle, when you want something that bad, there's no way that somebody can take it from you.

There's no way that you can't get it.
And even if you fail, did you really fail?

It's a win whenever you give it all. 

 Be around people who’s been there and done that. 
If you want to follow the footsteps of a successful...

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What's next for us Martial Arts school owners? 🤷

amy magers blog Aug 21, 2020

For the first few months of this pandemic, we always just thought, "Oh, we'll just get through it." And everybody was like,"Oh yeah, no big deal. We'll just wait it out. It'll be all right. We'll get this loan. We'll get this grant. And then we'll be fine."
But that money has been here.
That money, if you got it, is now spent.

And so now everybody's trying to figure out what's next. 
How do we get through this?
Knowing that there's not necessarily an end in sight.
And even if you're open right now, it does not mean that you're going to be open for the long haul. Because as we know across the country, things are changing.
Some people were open. Some people are closing again.
When, once school gets started again, we have no idea what these restrictions are going to do. They're going to ebb and flow. They're going to change all the time. You need to be prepared.

And there's a couple of different ways that you can do that.

Number one - make sure you have agreements with your...

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What drives you?

blog paul halme Aug 12, 2020

What drives you?

Think about that for a second.

What really drives you?

Is it your family?

Is it your relationships?

Is it your ego?

Is it some just drive you have that you don't understand?

I think that (partially) is my issue. I work hard so I could take care of my family, providing for them is something for me. But man, I really have this passion to do more and be more. And just, I don't know, it's hard to describe.

The people I run in circles with tend to have the same kind of passion to do more and be more. One thing you're going to find out if you're hanging around a bunch of people who have no drive, is your tendency to be like them- no drive and not accomplishing the things you want accomplish.

But if you want more, you need to be around people that want more for you.
It's one of the biggest tips I can give you if you're trying to get better in life at anything- jujitsu, business, fitness, nutrition.

Get around people who will drive you to be better.

Get more out of what...

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You don't need fast results...

alan belcher blog Aug 04, 2020

... you don't need fast results, what you need are better habits and more skills...

Everyone wants fast results- but you can't get rich overnight, you can't lose 20 pounds and look like a freaking fitness model overnight. It is not possible.
If your results are too quick, then there's something that is going to break.
It's like half-assing any type of job, if you don't build a strong foundation then the whole thing is going to fall apart.

(This is kind of where I'm at right now, and I do this whenever I get into getting myself back in shape, trying to take myself to the next level. I'll start to just watch what I eat, start to exercise more, and then I'll get more and more and more intense.)
And what I'm doing is I'm trying to teach myself the habit, and I'm trying to get into consistency.

Now, I already have the skills, I can coach myself on diet, I know what to eat, I know how to boost my testosterone back up, I know what not to eat, and I know how to work out and not work out...

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