The 2 Step Challenge to More Effective Time Management & Productivity


Who doesn’t want to get more done in less time? Check out this annoyingly simple 2 Step Challenge to jumpstart your motivation, beat the burnout, and get back on the path to crushing your goals.

I call this ‘annoyingly simple’ because the key to this challenge is so obvious that it might make you kick yourself for not doing this sooner. Hang with us as & take a little leap of faith to see this through and NOT CHEAT on the process.

The Set Up…

** First, identify the ONE THING you need to get done right now. Only one.. (We’ll save the talk about the ‘myth of multitasking’ for another day.) For now, part of the Challenge is doing one thing at a time. So pick one, and stick with it.

** Next, demand the MOST from your team. You hired the best people you knew. If there was somebody better who applied to work for you, you would have hired them! So make sure that you’re letting them do what you hired them to do. Share your vision with...

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Toronto Tales - High School Reunion

Uncategorized Oct 09, 2018

This past September I had my 20th high school reunion. I have to admit, I loved highschool and enjoyed my time there, but I haven’t been back to any alumni weekends or events. I went to a boarding school, where alumni and the association are very important, but despite this I went on my merry way after graduation in 1998. Alumni Weekend 2018 was a great event, and re-connecting with people that I grew up with was really fantastic. There is a closeness that you feel with people when you lived, ate, learned, grew up, & competed side by side for years.

Another event from this weekend though, which I struggle to talk about, was my induction into the school’s Athletic Lives of Distinction family. Every year they choose past grads that have had an impact in the sporting world through their own athletic or coaching endeavors. I was shocked to hear of my nomination, and was humbled by the Olympians, World Champions, and highly regarded coaches standing alongside me during...

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Introducing The '3 Pillar' Staffing Model

Uncategorized Sep 25, 2018

At some point, every growing business must hire staff in order to continue scaling up. Unfortunately, by the time many martial arts business owners are finally convinced that they need someone, they are so buried by past-due items on their must-do list, that they’ll start throwing money or trades at the first person who offers to help them out.

Hiring a generic “second set of hands” may feel like your only option when you’re deep in the trenches, doing everything you can to keep the walls from caving in. But, if you’re actively implementing solid systems in your business, that chaos is only temporary. It doesn’t make any sense to design a long term staffing strategy to deal with a temporary situation.

With each new hire, you have a prime opportunity to make a giant leap toward the ‘next step’ in your business. Your next hire should fit seamlessly into the environment that is one step beyond where you stand right now. For example, if...

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What I Learned After Visiting 10 of My Clients Gyms Over The Past 2 Months

Uncategorized Sep 18, 2018

First off let me start by saying, a business is always a dynamic changing work in progress.

Even my high level clients that are in Tribe and doing amazing have holes they need to repair and improve.

In the past couple of months I've been to Tribe clients gyms and Accelerator clients gyms in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Texas, San Francisco, San Mateo, Mississippi, New Orleans, & Colorado.

The most common problem that can be fixed in almost every location I've visited is sales.

When I say sales, I don't mean "coffees for closers" or "sell or be sold…”

I don't want to pressure people any more than you. And I never do.

When I say sales I mean every action taken to get that person from " contact info" to new enrollment.

There's always a gap that can be closed resulting in a higher number in enrollments .

It's either the speed of contact and apt set, or the quality and skillfulness of the conversations.

Training on the systems is almost always the answer.


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Toronto Tales - Fire & Ice : Lessons From Iceland.

Uncategorized Sep 11, 2018

The Fire & Ice race is an annual challenge held in the Icelandic Highlands every August. It is a 250km, 6 days, self-sufficient stage race; this means you run/walk/crawl every day for 6 days in a row, while carrying all of your food and gear in your pack. The only things provided by the race organizers are the tents to sleep in, hot and cold water, and obviously a beautifully plotted course which takes you around volcanoes, past waterfalls, through rock covered plateaus, and across ice cold rivers. It is a test of your physical, mental, and emotional endurance and not everybody finishes. Torrential rain, freezing temperatures, scorching temperatures, and physical ailments all contribute to a rugged and gritty race that isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. Who would do this to themselves? This girl. I love tea and ridiculous challenges.

On a whim, I signed up for this race in February of 2017, which gave me 6 months to prepare. I had never been an endurance athlete, I am...

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Do you even Implement, Bro?...

Uncategorized Sep 04, 2018

Entrepreneurs are notorious for having ‘million dollar notebooks.’ Scratchpads from the last webinar you checked out.. Typed notes from that last seminar chock full of brilliant ideas. At least one of those ideas scribbled in those lost notebooks could make you a TON of money.. If you only implemented it.

Maybe it’s running online ads, or facebook ads. You’ve heard about it for a long time and you know it could double your traffic, but you’ve never gotten them started.

Maybe your idea is to add a new income stream in your school by adding a brand new program; finally appeal to a different audience and be able to diversify your business. You have the pieces, you know it could work, but the plan has never made it off the pages of your notepad.

Maybe it’s shooting Facebook live videos for your gym. You watch other people’s videos and you think they’re really entertaining but you’ve always been the ‘consumer’ of these...

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Are You Suffering From an 'Academy Identity Crisis?'

Uncategorized Aug 28, 2018

"What do you teach?".. This should be one of the easiest questions for you to answer about your business?

But, to see how many school owners have trouble pinpointing exactly what they do, drive past a few neighboring martial arts academies, and check out their windows... Vinyl signage everywhere promoting “Brazilian Jiu Jitsu,” “TKD,” “MMA,” “Muay Thai,” “Little Ninja’s,” “Fitness Kickboxing,” “Muay Thai,” “Karate,” Krav Maga,” & “Women’s self defense”...

Maybe it’s not these exact disciplines.. but how many schools have 4 styles listed, 5.. 6 or more and ONE mat space? In an effort to cater to everyone by offering everything, these gyms offer a lot of ‘classes,’ but no fully developed programs.

This “Academy Identity Crisis” can be traced back to the beginning when so many of us took a leap of faith to start our academies on...

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How Can You Possibly Give Away A Gi FOR FREE With A Jiu Jitsu Trial? Aren’t You Losing Money?

Uncategorized Aug 21, 2018

How Can You Possibly Give Away A Gi FOR FREE With A Jiu Jitsu Trial? Aren’t You Losing Money?

This is one of those rare questions that gets asked by both our coaching clients AND our prospective jiu jitsu students. On the surface, the deal sounds too good to be true. But it’s 100% real! No tricks, no bait & switch. On the surface, the answer is YES.. we are losing money. BUT, if you dig a little deeper and understand how this strategy can fit into the right system, you’ll see how it’s a win for both prospects AND gym owners.

First, a little background… Every gi costs us around 30 bucks. If you were paying a mat fee for each individual class at our academy, they’d be 20 bucks a piece. So, our 3 class trial plus the gi is valued at around $90 bucks.. So how can we afford to give it away?

Our trial is what’s called a “loss leader.” A ‘loss leader’ is a pricing strategy where you place the retail cost of a product or...

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Is Bigger Always Better?

combat business blog Aug 14, 2018

**Is Bigger Always Better?... Introducing the "Lifestyle Academy"

A few years ago I was eating lunch with my husband in a Jimmy John’s sub shop when I saw a sign on the wall with the story of a Mexican fisherman. The fisherman lived a quiet life relaxing in the sun, catching fish with his friends, & enjoying time with his wife. He had enough.

One day, a successful business man from the U.S. came down and saw his little business. He explained to the fisherman how he could grow his business, expand his operation, develop a fleet, commercialize, go corporate and make a ton of money. The fisherman listened.. Then asked, “After all of that work and all of that financial success.. What would I do?” To which the businessman replied, “You’d have enough to live a quiet life relaxing in the sun, catching fish with your friends, & enjoying time with your wife.”

We are conditioned to think that ‘bigger is always better.’ But this idea...

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10 Reasons To Join Tribe

Uncategorized Aug 07, 2018

Tribe is our highest level program that yields the best, fastest and most sustainable results!

We not only coach you but we also do your marketing as a bonus!

So let's get to it.. here are the 10 reasons you must stop waiting and wishing and join us as soon as possible.


Reason number 1: Every Day Is Gameday

Every day you are held accountable for your results.

You want to know the difference between successful gyms and gyms that are stuck on the same plateau, year after year?

The success comes from being full time, every day.

Setting and monitoring the one thing that you need to do.

We help you dial in your key number goals and hold you accountable every single day.

Take Tribe Survey And Apply - Click Here


Reason 2: Coaching

Everyone needs a coach... you need to be pushed, pulled, motivated and constantly reminded what YOU want and what YOU signed up for!

You need someone that is dialed in to your goals and will stop at nothing to help you get there.

And the more...

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