blog paul halme Jul 12, 2019

Last week, I talked about the power of email. Having a traffic source that's uniquely your own. I also promised some ninja tricks and we’re going over those today.

First, import your list of current members- people who’ve been to your gym, your past and current members. Then upload the email list to Facebook. If you have small audience, create a Facebook "lookalike" audience. Check out this detailed instruction on how to create a lookalike audience here.

You can choose from 1% up to 3% similarity depending on how populated your area is. You do this because you want to closely target people who share the same interests as your current list a.k.a. people who already paid for your services and have given you their money.

From here, you create a Facebook ad targeting this lookalike audience. You might want to do an ‘awareness' type of ad or something similar. Your top of the funnel/landing page should tell people exciting. What exciting things are going on and are...

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Inconsistency: Business Killer

Uncategorized Jul 10, 2019

One thing killing your success and your goals and it's your consistency.

I'm gonna be talking about how every day is game day and I'm gonna give you guys some stuff that you can do every single day if you have big goals. 

Now, I want to challenge you to think about your goals and say, "Hey, am I really aligning my resources with my goals?". 

What's your most valuable resource? TIME---- time is your most valuable resource. 

What I want you to do is I want you to tell me in the comments are you doing everything that you can do to treat every single day like it's the game day and keep working towards your goal?

All right, and I want you to put your goals on all grow up to the side. 

Are you trying to improve your income? improve your business revenue? 

Are you trying to scale your company? Grow your Instagram and your Facebook? Start a business? 

I challenge you to really be honest and say are you doing everything it takes? 

So, I'm gonna give you a...

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blog paul halme Jul 05, 2019

I know we’re all obsessed with digital marketing. The newest Facebook ads, Instagram and Facebook stories. But the most powerful traffic you can own is that from your email list. As James Schramko says, "with email list, you own the racecourse!"

Your ad accounts could get disabled, you can get kicked out of Facebook and Instagram. Google could slap your Adwords, anything could go wrong!

Facebook and Instagram went down the other day and things went haywire!

But your email list is your own. Having an email list means you can tap your fans and subscribers any time. It means you could provide valuable and exclusive information to the people on your list. You could keep in touch with your current customers AND send targeted offers ANYTIME. Without being at the mercy of social media platforms.

So, DON'T SLEEP ON EMAILS! This is still huge!

Make sure you have a solid email database. Because with a nurtured email list, possibilities sales is endless.

Now, you might say, ...

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I got a Bad Review!! & Worse.. It's FAKE! What do I do?

amy magers blog Jul 04, 2019

As you become successful, you WILL receive new levels of scrutiny & criticism.

People you don't know, who have never met you, who have never seen your business first hand will try to hurl at you. Because people who have nothing going for themselves KNOW that they can NEVER amount to anything CLOSE to what you're doing... So they try to knock you off of your pedestal.

...and if you're lucky, you'll get a real gem like this guy, "Mr. REAL".. (Yes, that's the name he actually chose to use,) who recently reviewed our fitness kickboxing page & said it was the WORST form of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu he's ever seen.. which makes perfect sense.. since it's kickboxing… not Brazilian Jiu jitsu. ‍

So, what do you do about stuff like this?

Bad reviews suck!

FAKE bad reviews are even worse!

First, facing undue criticism isn't any fun.

In fact, ‘Fear of unfair Scrutiny & Criticism’ is one of the greatest components in the 'Fear of Success."

This fear of becoming a...

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How to Get Good Results from Your Facebook Stories

blog Jun 27, 2019

Last week, we talked about Instagram.

We explored how you could use that platform to leverage your gym’s social media presence. Today, we’re going back to Facebook... but it’s not your typical Facebook-- we’re talking about Facebook stories. Yes, Facebook stories is another traffic generator. And that's going fast and getting more eyeballs on your business and your offers.

Image courtesy of TechCrunch

Stories are getting popular because of two very effective elements. These elements are the VIDEO and STORY-TELLING. So today I'm going to share a couple of tips and things you need to do to get good results from your Facebook stories.

So today I'm going to share a couple of tips and things you need to do to get good results from your Facebook stories.

  1. When doing Facebook stories, show some behind-the-scenes, interesting, entertaining and fun stuff. Make sure people have the interest in watching it. Add some cool emojis, GIFs, polls, doodles and cool...
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Don't Miss the Boat on Instagram!

blog Jun 21, 2019

Don't miss the Instagram boat… unless you don’t want more traffic!

Instagram has proven to be a winning platform, even for local business and it’s not stopping anytime soon.

As more things ramp up, more and more businesses are looking to widen their reach. Switching to other platforms or expanding their reach other than Facebook. (Check out my proven tips to grow Instagram here)

Also owned by Facebook, Instagram is where massive growth is happening right now! Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users. And it is the most engaged social media platform after Facebook!

If you don't know this yet, there are so many things that you can do on Instagram. And that will help you promote your local business.

You can create content then tag your business location on both feeds and stories. These contents will show in the local posts or stories section of Instagram. Making you a prominent person/brand in the area. Doing this provides a great organic boost to your local...

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How To Grow A Following On Facebook And Instagram That You Can Monetize

Uncategorized Jun 19, 2019

What’s up, guys? I'm going to give you a big opportunity to partner with me and grow your following really big. So, I'm going to do that at some point and I'm also going to give you three tips on growing your Instagram. I know there's a bunch of stuff that I want to say and it is Monday so my whole brain fog is at a high right now.

I just went live so growing a social media following and I'm going to get into some tips on how you can do that if you want to monetize. But first, let me define what I mean by “if you want to monetize”. You got to be clear if you actually want to make money. You want to use your page for business.

To me personally, this may sound pretty harsh but I would not use social media if I was just like a farmer that lived off the land and I didn't need business. By the way, I would I probably never choose to just work for someone else, that's just me personally. But I guess an alternative of that is kind of like being a self-made person and just...

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Turn Your Online Traffic into New Students

blog Jun 14, 2019

In previous blogs, I've shared online traffic growth strategies. These included Ways to    grow your Instagram, optimize your website through proven SEO strategies, video ads and retargeting, some Facebook strategies. Hopefully, you are taking advantage of all the online traffic you've been getting from these previous tips.

Now let's turn those online traffic into sales.

Sales is the lifeblood of your business. You have to be able to sell. You're never gonna have a good enough school unless you hire a great salesperson to help  you.

But the trick is to not be a sleazy salesman.

Be an honest and legit person. Genuinely care about the people coming in and helping them reach their goals.

You should already have the qualification. You should already be a good instructor who wants to help people reach the goal that they want.

People are coming to your gym for a reason. If you could figure it out, then you have a student for life, they're going to be so invested in...

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What To Do When Your Ads Stop Working

blog Jun 07, 2019


Have you ever noticed that your once top-performing ads are not bringing in opt-ins or sales anymore? Or they keep getting too expensive, it's ridiculous!

This happens a lot!

Changes in social media advertising happen a lot, like in Facebook and Instagram. Not so much with Google, because you can kind of ‘control’ that and it’s kind of leveled out . One day, you’ll wake up and your ads are no longer working the same way. Or they keep getting more and more expensive… If you do see that, it’s time to look at different things.

Depending on whether you set your campaigns up correctly, you want to have your campaigns, ad set and ads split-tested. You always want to have more than one ad in there so you could test and see which one works the best. And based on the results you are getting- you can switch out the headlines, the image, the ad copy later on.

If you have an ad that was doing good BUT is now NO LONGER performing like it was,


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Crush 'em BIG Goals!

Uncategorized Jun 05, 2019

Set a goal to do something crazy.

I mean a huge goal. Be number one in your industry. Maybe that's a little, that'd be too hard.

But maybe top 10 in your industry. Or have a $100,000 per year in your business, or $100,000 a month.

Go out there and hit that goal. Put everything you have into it and hit it.

Watch what happens. You'll never ever turn back.

You will be a high achiever for life. You will have a belief that the other people around you don't have.

There's only 1% of us out there. And if you're watching, you're not part of the club. You're not one of the 1% of people.

All you got to do is have some faith.

Set a big goal and go hit that goal. And then your whole life is going to change.

You will never, ever, ever go back.

You'll understand something that most people never understand - and that's belief.

Believe it. Set a higher standard. Go out there and hit some goals.


If you’re wanting to begin building your gym, I’d recommend starting with a review and...

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