Why your life isn’t changing and why you may never hit goals!

blog Apr 24, 2019

I'm going to talk to you today about being something alcohol idiotically optimistic, something happy Monday. Yes, motivation! I wish I could motivate you in the morning to get your day going. So, this idiotically optimistic thing I'm explaining to you.


I’ll explain how it works and everything. Idiotically optimistic, this is something that I heard somebody say one time and I was like, “That's me, that's me. I'm idiotically optimistic.”


How can this help you become successful? I'm going to give you some harsh truths right now. If you don't have belief and you don't have optimism, you're probably never going to be successful and you're not going to hit any goals unless they're like really small and really tiny.


So, I'm going to give you guys a concept here. It'll change the way you think about this and maybe change your life. Speaking of changing a life, if you want to change your life you have to have something that you're trying to do that is is worth changing your routine. For example,  becoming a different person.


Those of you that heard me talk about decide, transform, and execute, then the transform part is talking about transforming, finding the way that you are and just stay as beautiful as you are and just keep being you because you are!


That's great, that's something your mama tells you and everything but the truth is you are not the person that's going to get you to these - the goals of being rich, wealthy, having a six-pack, or whatever you have to change certain parts of you. Like for instance, your habits and your discipline if you keep being you you're never going to do this. You have to change!


So, what is worth changing? Your diet, or starting to wake up every day at 5:00 a.m. like I do which it's not really that impressive but I do it every single day. There are certain things that I do because I know there are going to be life-changing results. My goal is to get my company to a million a month. That's literally my goal.


How often do I talk about that? About 15, 20 minutes ago, an hour ago. A million a month is my goal. It's engraved in my brain so I'm willing to do some pretty crazy stuff and I know that I was just getting started in this game of success. Somebody may call me an idiot. They're going to be like,


“Okay, Alan you already made it to the top of the UFC. You got a successful gym, you'll probably make it to a million a month.”


But they didn't see me when I was 13 years old and got cut from the basketball team. I was little fat-ass, I went out, got cut and then I worked hard all summer and I came back. At that time, I wanted to be a professional baseball player and I told everybody I want to play basketball in college. I want to play baseball in college I seem like a little idiot. It didn't make any sense, it's like you're short, you're not athletic, you're chubby. Actually, I was pretty athletic but I was still chubby so I didn't run.


When I ran the first day of basketball, I had these blisters on my foot it's like a different story and everything but it's crazy. I was like an idiot. I had these goals and most people would think that I was stupid even my own grandma. I told her that I was going to be UFC champ and all that but she basically told me that that was stupid and that was idiot.


I told her that I want to be a business consultant and she's like,


“What do you know about running a business boy?”


I don't know. What I knew at that time when I was about 23 years old was I wanted to eventually be a business consultant. I wanted to be a guru. And you have to have these goals that are big. If you got like a tiny little goal, I know some people, this is the opposite of what a lot of people teach you. They teach you to start with saving a thousand dollars, or you start with losing that first pound, or whatever. That's cool and all but if your goal is to lose one pound, you're never going to lose one pound because it's like there's no reward for that.


It's not something that's going to be life-changing. it's not anything that's going to be cool. I mean, it's not how it works. Play whenever you can whenever you're like,


“Hey, I'm going to pay off my house, save up enough money to send my kids to school and buy their cars. And I want my kids to be rich even after I die so that they never have to do anything. I want to create a company that I can sell for ten million dollars or a billion dollars or something as crazy as that.


You have to change your life and change who you are to do that.


Let me tell you guys something more tangible that you can use with optimism. This is something that I call optimistic pessimism. So, let's say that you want to sell 30 cars in one month, or you want to enroll 30 gym clients or martial arts students, or business coaching clients in one month, or you want to try to think of something else that might want to make you thirty thousand dollars in sales on your online store.


So, I'm going to teach you guys how to use optimistic pessimism. I'm very optimistic, I know that I could start a business. Let's say I wanted to sell something like these little phone charger things right here, and I wanted to start a store. I just start this business. I just started a brand and I want to make thirty thousand dollars in my first month. Very optimistic, alright? I want to be profitable in my first month.


It's one thing being optimistic but you can't have wishful thinking. That is literally idiotic, it has to be real. How do I make it real? So, I use pessimistic numbers, I call it optimistic pessimism. I want to sell 30 cars. What I'm going to do is, I'm going to say how many people do I have to talk to sell 30 cars? I have to literally do one out of three so that means I got to do ninety test drives to sell 30 cars. Now, to get 90 test drives, I need to set at least twice as many appointments.


So, I need to set a hundred and eighty appointments, half of them are showing, and then one out of thirty I'll sell a car. I'll get my pessimism that not many people are going to show up for their appointments and only one out of three are going to actually buy. But my optimism says I can make it happen if I just use these pessimistic numbers so as long as I set 180 appointments I am guaranteed to sell the 30 cars, the 30 units, or get the 30 gym clients, or whatever.


That's like the first part of this blog. What I was talking to you guys about was idiotically optimistic which is setting big goals because if you don't have big goals you're just not going to do anything. You're not going to actually change who you are. The way that you eat when you get up going to bed, putting in the extra work on the weekends.


You're not going to make changes unless you have these big goals and then optimistic pessimism is like my strategy of using these pessimistic numbers to make sure that I'm guaranteed to actually hit stuff. Because a lot of people are going to set goals but they don't know how to hit them. They're just like,


“Yeah, I'm going to be an influencer. I'm going to get a hundred thousand followers on Instagram and I'm going to have like millions of this money from YouTube and like I'm going to do this and then I'm going to start a store.”


They have all these things that they want to do, they just don't know how to actually hit the numbers. You have to reverse engineer those numbers, work them backwards and make sure that you have like a guaranteed recipe for success. Some of the best business advice that I ever got was was back in 2000, I partnered with my used to be coach, my manager. He was also in business, another person that I modeled because you model your mentors.


When I was getting into business, I worked for Joey Perry. I've modeled what he was doing which was, opening his own location and stuff. I learned a lot of business stuff from him back in like 2007, 2008. He was promoting shows so we partnered up and we did a show, I can't remember what it was called now, but we did at the Hard Rock Casino.


And then we actually did a second one. It was badass, all professional fighters were at the casino and some of the best business advice I remember going into that changed the way I think, he said,


“Whenever you do business, set up all the numbers to where you're profitable before you even start with the deal.”


So, that was my impression. Before you do the business deal, you do all the numbers to where you're going into that deal. The guarantee that you're going to make money. We went to the casino and we got the casino to give us money to put on the show and then we got our sponsors. Going into it, we already made our money before we went into it.


That was some of the best business advice I ever got. If you have a goal, you just have to have the rest of your recipe. You have to have a strategy to make that thing actually happen.


Hope you guys like this. If you need help getting more customers from social media and creating fire content like this, being strategic, and leading those prospects into your sales funnel, and actually closing more sales from social media, hit me up!


You can send me a message and you can talk to me or my team about helping you. I can coach you. Or if your business is in the position where you just want my team to just take it over for you, we can run your ads and I even have somebody that can do all your social media posting for now because I have an agency also.


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