The Secret of Getting Rich

blog Apr 17, 2019

The truth is I’ve never heard anyone say, “I joined a mastermind group and I regret it”. I took a vacation and I regret it.

There’s a great payback.

Coming out, you only got a $1,000 bucks, investing that into some ads if you got a good strategy or paying a coach to coach you.

So, what I suggest for you is to align whatever credit, whatever money, whatever it takes to get a coach and a mentor. You know that I believe in that. To invest in advertising your business.

Align those resources to take your life to the next level.

And if that business doesn’t apply to you, if there are any non-entrepreneurs out there left that are still doing the nine to five thing. They have no interest in the business.

Pull the trigger and whatever that is, that thing that’s going to make you really happy because life is short.

You may not have time to align your resources tomorrow. Who knows? Do it now!

Make your 10-year goal, a 1-year goal, a 6-month goal. Invest in yourself. Invest in your resources.


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